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Architectural Review Board (ARB)
Foxcroft Owners must request review of plans for exterior changes, alterations or additions to their property by the Foxcroft Architectural Review Board (ARB).  The Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines for our community are in the Foxcroft Owners Association covenants, Article VIII, pages 19-21.  The intent of these guidelines is to help preserve and enhance property values in our community.  The guidelines state that no exterior improvements or changes can be made without the written conditional approval of the ARB.  Alterations and improvements are defined as any work that alters the Lot from its improved state when it was purchased.  Examples of alterations include changes in color of the siding, roofing, garages or doors, excavations, changes in grade, clearing, fencing, sheds, major landscaping and the addition of solar panels among other things.
In order to expedite your request for conditional approval of the improvements to your property, your application should include your name, phase/lot number, the date, daytime and evening phone numbers, your property address, and a description of your request.  In addition, a site plan showing your existing house location on the lot with the location and nature of your planned improvements clearly and accurately shown is required.  The plan should show the nature, size, kind, shape, height, materials, colors and location on the lot of the work to be done.  It is also helpful to include photos of representative improvements such as existing fencing, shed or retaining walls in the neighborhood.  A complete set of plans showing elevations will also be required for additions or other improvements to the exterior of the house.  An application form can be obtained by downloading one here.  
The conditional approval only becomes final when the actual work is completed as it was set forth in the plans.  If final approval is refused by the ARB, the Owner may be required to make recommended changes and then resubmit the plan for the work to obtain final approval.  If an owner makes exterior changes that require ARB approval without obtaining conditional approval or completes any work without seeking ARB final approval, the Foxcroft Owners Association or any member of the community may take legal action.  This is outlined in Article IX, section 2, page 25 of the covenants.  The ARB and the Owners Association have the right, but are not obligated, to correct violations of the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines.
Sometimes improvement projects may significantly affect your surrounding neighbors.  Although final approval rests with the Architectural Review Board, the Board reserves the right to notify your immediate neighbors of your proposed plans and to consider their concerns regarding your improvement project.  We suggest that you talk with your neighbors about your plans for improvements to your lot, such as fencing and retaining walls, prior to initiating the project. 
Solar panels are another modification that requires ARB approval, click here for the Solar Panel guidelines that the neighborhood has adopted and should be provided to any solar energy contractor prior to requesting an estimate.
To submit your request for architectural review, please login to the portal here and click on Architectural Reviews to download and submit all documents requested for approval.
    Please allow up to 30 days for approval.  The goal of the ARB is a 5-7 day turnaround for approval if all plans are accurate and complete.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the ARB members at